05 Nov 2019

On October 22nd 2019 the international Woodworking exhibition was held in Minsk, Belarus, specialized in woodworking, the furniture industry and also for forestry.

The whole fair was under the watchful eye of the event organizers, such as:

  • MinskExpo, JSC and IFW-expo supported by the Belarusian Ministry of Forestry;
  • The German Association of Woodworking Equipment with the German VDMA Engineering Federation;
  • And finally the Italian Association of Woodworking Machinery and Tools manufacturers ACIMALL

More than 120 companies took part in the exhibition, where both participants and guests attending the event had the great opportunity to observe closely the woodworking equipment and all possible related products, presented by the same leaders as the global market. From cutting to drying the product, from automated processing to furniture production, etc.

Furthermore, the participating companies had the great opportunity to obtain information on the results obtained in the scientific, engineering and technological fields.

Obviously Dalso wanted to participate in the event, exposing its guidelines on the quality of the products produced, on the efficiency of the operators in the field and on the speed of response regarding problems of various sizes and requests to be satisfied by customers.

Among the objects on display: woodworking tools, products for machine tools; technical means for using wood waste, energy production from wood fuel; energy saving means, environmental protection; software and more.