21 Feb 2020

The Press Conference for the Xyexpo 2020 fair took place on 18th February in 2020 on the top floor of the Pirelli skyscraper, set up to host the big event.

With a complete view of the city of Milan, the event was a huge success, welcoming about thirty journalists of international level and about twenty stands of companies that interface in the wood and automation sector.

Dalso participated with a great enthusiasm in the event, finding a high interest in the products designed and for his professionalism in the sector.

The great malleability of the Dalso automation lines was also appreciated; in addition to the wood sector, Dalso also deals with Panels X Lam, Plastic, Aluminum, Fiber cement and Iron.

The event wanted to follow the speeches of: Paolo Borgio of Fiera Milano, Massimo Goldoni, president of the committee that collects all the fairs organized by Confindustria and Luigi De Vito, vice president of Eumabois.

These three interventions offered different points of view on the exhibition that will takle place in Rho (Milano), but also and above all on the theme of the role that the fair will take in an increasingly digital economic and social context.

This year Xylexpo will return to occupy three pavilions according to a choice that wants to give all exhibitors a similar flow of visitors.