24 Giu 2020

In previous days, one of the largest and most complex automations for the production of mid-layer line was completed in Dalso.

On this occasion we wanted to show the great quality and experience that Dalso offers in the parquet sector, through this video presentation of the machine.

The installed system allows a continuous cycle of work and production of roller shutters minimizing the workforce and allowing the worker to supervise the line on two control panels, one for the loading and one unloading part, in which at any time it can change the performance of the automation installed.
During the loading phase, the raw pieces, once loaded by the manipulator, are analyzed as they advance along the line through sensors, which ascertain the humidity present inside them, ensuring continuous monitoring of the single piece. Once scanned, the pieces advance into the first cutting phase in which motorized pushers block the raw piece so that the cut is always precise and the same for the subsequent pieces up to the 4-wheel introducer, which introduces the individual pieces into the machinery of main processing.

Once the piece is transformed into individual slats, the latter come out in bulk from the cutting machinery up to the brushing machine which distributes them on the belts, separating them from each other and then reuniting them in blocks for the temporary creation of the mid layer line.

Once assembled, the mid layer line is advanced along the belts until the introducer inserts two additional pieces at the beginning and end of the shutter which, compared to those that assemble it, are made of a more flexible wood. Once the pieces have been added to the ends without ever stopping the stroke of the line, the rolling shutter thus composed is definitively joined. In this "gluing" station, the slats are first collected, then homogeneously spaced apart and finally joined by means of an iron filament.

Subsequently, the mid layer line, thus obtained, will be advanced to the unloading station, where the manipulator picks up the product and places it on the roller conveyor where the operator, through a forklift, picks up the finished products and prepares them for shipment.

The system thus composed allows our customers a clear Productive and Economic advantage: a continuous production cycle in short and constant times, a decidedly reduced expenditure of staff, while maintaining the same level of Quality of the workmanship.