09 Set 2019

Ligna, one of the most important woodworking industry fairs, ended in Hannover on 31 May 2019.

With a renewed stand and presenting a complete automation line, Dalso wanted to enphasize its great development in previous years, enphasizing its wide possibility to realize any customized solution.

We had an incredible turnout with an considerable number of contact almost double as compared to the previous edition – added Dal Soglio – and the clear feeling that many of them could turn into orders. Orders that should be added to those already got at the fair!

Dalso wanted to exhibit a complete line of sideshifters, loaders and unloaders with a robot equipped for batch management.

However, to its development we also want to enhance the great organization behind each system, that is the experience and the team that, together with an excellent organization, led to making Dalso work and innumerable successes with its automations produced over the years, aimed at in particular towards the total Quality dictated by the ISO 9001 standards and those of the "Lean Production" system.

Furthermore, Dalso will consolidate its international presence in several National fairs in the coming months. Important will be the presence at the Awfs of Las Vegas where it will be exhibited as a partner of Cefla, with a special automation of loading and unloading the door line through the used of multi-storey trolleys equipped with a excludable 180 ° tilting device.

Also in autumn, the presence of Dalso Automations with particular attention to Central Europe and the East will intensify in other fairs.

 “This excellent edition of Ligna will allow us to get the results from the international marketplace, where today is undoubtedly more careful to the investiments in automation both for the optimization cost and for the constant difficulty in finding staff”, concluded Dal Soglio.