02 Dic 2020

A team of experts who have been working in the sector for more than thirty years and excellent product quality, dictated by ISO 9001 standards, makes Dalso today a great exponent of customized industrial automation design.

A use of manipulators, introducers, horizontal movements, robots and other automated components ensure that the designed line is tailored to the customer, also paying attention to the site where it will be placed.

In continuous growth in the most various sectors, the company proceeds with its latest innovation in the field of solid wood, that is an Unloading Log Line with singularization of the incoming pieces.

A line designed to be autonomous and able to move according to the customer's needs.

Also an important manipulator overhangs the entire line running from one side to the other based on where the unloading station has been completely filled. Furthermore, at the moment of unloading, the manipulator has the function of positioning the strips placed between one layer and the other, optimizing production times.

A real and complete vision of its work and of the great development that Dalso continues to have over time, minimizing the help of operators and building real systems as part of the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

The use of a combination of technologies to favor industrial production completely automated and interconnected is exactly what Dalso does today.