03 Ott 2019

On 21 September there was the inauguration of the Polygraphic Centre in Foggia, a pole of excellence for the production of special papers that received the accreditation of the European Central Bank last May and by the bank of Italy and, on this occasion, our Prime Minister G. Conte also attended the opening of the headquarters.

The new company, which occupies 12 thousand square meters of surface, has wanted to invest 48 million initial for the technological plants of last generation for the improvement of the company and obviously also the Dalso is part of the great system of innovation of the technological equipment.

The Dalso system consists in the production of number plates, where this will bring radical changes with more safety and quality. In fact, there will be no more manual work cycles, but more and more Automation: the back of the number plate that will be traced with an identification serial, automatically controllable with an optical system, before the printing process; the plates will be inserted and expelled, automatically, from the oven and then stacked, also automatically, in storage trolleys.
The investments in active materials also concern the logistic automation of storage and handling systems in warehouse, with integrated software, through shuttles for the transport of products in exit and entry.

Here the link of the service made in fact to Foggia to the inauguration: