09 Apr 2020

Faced with this emergency, Dalso immediately took action.

Thanks to the transfer to the new headquarters that Dalso made a few years ago, we immediately implemented the safety rules and the distances that repeatedly invite us to respect. Here, having no space problems, both in the production department and in the offices, we organized ourselves by adapting all the workstations. We later found the personal protective equipment and proceeded to start the work phase remotely thanks to an internal IT system that allowed us to minimize the inconvenience and reduce the risks to health to zero.

In addition, we produce automation and automation is the technological future for excellence.Faced with this emergency, we are sure that the demand will increase in this sense.  Today, more than ever, automation is the option to limit the damage caused by a lack of manpower and thus maintain productivity at high levels. With this crisis, you already discover what you needed to know: that is, that human contribution is focused on activities that create higher added value and that low-labor production activities (which are also the most risky ones in this period) are replaced by automatic systems. Perhaps this is the real Smart Working: automation is one of the best ways to avoid endangering the health of its employees, guaranteeing their safety even in normal times. We are also sure that the relationship and human contact, once the storm is over, will return to being very important, indeed we will try to make up for lost time. One example of all was the social distancing during the Spanish epidemic of a hundred years ago in which it subsequently immediately returned to a period of very strong human social relations.

Dalso is a company that looks ahead, does not give up and fights against difficulties. You have to be optimistic in a sensible way and with the utmost reasonableness but optimistic. Anyone who does a job like ours where there is a perfect combination of automation and manpower must always look ahead!