22 Apr 2021

In the Twenty years of history in the industrial automation sector, the company always shows a constant commitment and passion to own customers, thanks to a team of experts and a product quality certified also by ISO 9001 standards.                                                                                                                                                                                      A new automation line designed, realized and recently tested in the United States, more precisely in Winsconsin, fits into this philosophy.                                                                   

The automation solution is dedicated to the packaging of semi-finished panels used for the external cladding of homes.                                                                                                    This special line is intended for the packaging of elements of various sizes, a complete packaging with foam and an unloading of the entire complete package.                         

Thanks to the use of customized solutions, different panel’s sizes are handled: a manipulator with 5 suction heads allows you to unload the previously processed pieces and a gripper system manages the insertion of the foam into each layer.                              Furthermore, the phases of hot air sealing, made by an oven, and of final packaging, made by a strapping machine, are managed by another special automation designed to measure for the customer.

All automations have been tested directly in Dalso through telematic systems that have allowed the customer to witness the various stages of processing, finding results that exceed expectations.                           

It re-affirms the concept of industry 4.0; Automations designed to work autonomously, according to the customer's needs, with the possibility of being managed even remotely, facilitating every service operation even at large distances.