27 Lug 2021

Dalso continues his business growth. With the two very recent automation lines, built a short time ago, the company is proving to be more and more innovative and productive.

The first of the two consists of a loading line for miter saw with strip brushing; while, the second line is designed by team Dalso to obtain Wooden Profiles.

The first automation was conceived for the handling of packs of panels with as many as five possible loading stations. The large-sized line is designed to be completely autonomous.

The different stations, in fact, can move along the tracks in such a way that each single motorized roller conveyor can isolate itself for the loading of a new pack of elements when this is emptied.

The manipulator, characterized by 6 suction heads, not only plays the role of loading but also that of brushing. A brush, in fact, just before picking up is driven by the motor and made to slide along the surface, removing the various strips that act as dividers between the various layers.

The second line, which instead carries out the unloading panels for Parquet, has the peculiarity of including a piece turning device and a piece alignment device. The latter is a particular importance, as, once the various elements are singled out, they are placed on a station that levels them in order to obtain an always precise and constant sampling.

A company that does not stop in front of the adversity (despite the pandemic of this last period) and finds new solutions both in working dimension and also in the organizational one, managing to continue to grow and to aspire to new future goals.