18 Giu 2021

With the year 2021, still in progress, Dalso, in addition to celebrating its 20 years of activity, also reaches the milestone of 1000 Automation Lines!

This new order consists of a gluing line with gum on concrete sleepers for the underground in France. A line of great importance given the purpose of the product.

There are 2 robots in the line: one will take care of positioning the gum, while the other will be responsible for applying glue.

An automation system that guarantees a constant and continuous cycle, making sure that the product is of quality and monitored by the operator assigned to the Line.

With the achievement of the thousandth automation line, Dalso once again proves to be an increasingly growing company that does not stop in front of achievements but, on the contrary, continues to create new ones.

Dalso is always committed to satisfying customer requests and, indeed, to improving them significantly thanks to the experience of our employees and that of our owner, Lucio Dal Soglio.